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Our Galaxy


Your coin, Kinnycoin
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Our objective as part of the Elon Musk sphere is to establish ourselves as the sole cryptocurrency used throughout the entire universe. To achieve this, we plan to initially focus on Mars as our primary base for space travel and exploration.

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Spacecraft in Orbit

To be honest with you all, our token has been created with the intention of exploring the world and being utilized as the primary currency throughout the galaxy. The Kinnycoin token, also known as Elon musk's kin coin, has been designed to be the sole universal currency, stretching from earth to the far reaches of the universe.

#crypto transactions

Outer Space
Token Distribution
Total supply 100,000,000,000
Mint address
Token Name 
Symbol name 
30 % distributed by airdrop
20 % burnt 
20 % team and dev
30 % circulating supply
Kinnycoin aims to achieve the highest level of trade and usage across the galaxy by ensuring that it is distributed and made available to as many crypto enthusiasts as possible.
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Kinnycoin is meant to last forever
Q3 2023
Token launched
Huge airdrop to community and holder token
List on coinmarketcap and coingecko
Q4 2023
First 10 % of the burn plan to be launched

Starting to get listed into exchanges
Keep growing the community
Keed supporting the Solana blockchain

Q1 2024
Second 10 % of the burn plan to be launched
More listing into exchanges
Start launching the last phase of massive deployment
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